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Sonar Bangla survey consultants is recognized as one of the digital and best land surveying firms in Bangladesh. Moreover Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants provides Digital land survey services and land planning for the development of private and public projects. Since 2013 Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants has helped hundreds of clients to maximize the value of their projects by finding potential opportunities. SBSC Ltd generally works for

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What makes us Best land surveying firms??


Experienced project manager

We’ve project managers and surveyors with 20 to 10 years of experience in their relevant field. And that makes us the best land surveying firms in Bangladesh.

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, faster, and smarter, you need the best people driving your project forward. You need people who can create the best output that aligns with the project’s goals. They can analyze data to optimize every tactic along the way.


Best possible

In the world of land surveying, Company in Bangladesh. we are ready with all the latest tools, equipment, and software. We always carry all the suitable tools for certain projects. Being the best land surveying firms Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants of Bangladesh is equipped with SOKKIA, KOLIDA, TOPCON, SOUTH, etc renowned company’s equipment. We have Multiple Level Machines, Total station, RTK Machines in different versions from different companies.

Check all of our equipment from the table below.

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Our land surveying firms Mission

Being the Best land surveying firms in Bangladesh our Key Missions are:

Our Vision

As a Digital and Best land surveying firms in Bangladesh. we are Promoting information technology in pursuit of the “vision-2022″. Announcement by the Bangladesh government to improve the digital land survey and records management. There is no alternative of Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants Ltd To modernize the land-base, sustainable land survey service. Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants is always public-friendly and public-welfare-oriented Land Survey Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Key Vision of the Best land surveying firms

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Our Accomplishments

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Project Managers & Surveyor
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Reaching all over the Country

Our Work Process


Project Observation

Firstly, the Survey team observes the project through the local visit, google, or any other data source. Then they get prepared for the final field work.


FIeld Work

Secondly, they get prepared with their preferred tools. And execute the final fieldwork with supreme proficiency. Proper data collection is the main challenge in fieldwork that requires knowledge as well as experience. And we have enough amount of both.


CAD Work

Thirdly, CAD work is the most important part for the realization of project purpose and presentation. Our surveyors are experts in CAD work alongside the field work.


Land Surveying Firms Project Submission

Fourthly, It’s time to submit the project. Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants submit their project via CD Drive, Pen Drive, Online for the soft copy and also submit the hard copy in printed format.

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