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Building Survey & Construction Survey

Additionally Building Survey & Construction Survey in Bangladesh are highly important during a building or construction Planning & planning starts. Moreover It’s highly important to prepare the layout plan and for Developing the building. But aslo, During the establishment of Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants as the leading enterprises. 


Moreover engaged in Furnishing Building Construction and Elevation building construction survey Service in Bangladesh the industry is remarkable. Likewise, Some other services like floor plans and Altitudes plan- we prepare mainly for our Architectonics and Technology clients. Moreover, So that they can use them for building Renovation and Architectonic Licensing.

Building survey

Likewise With the aid of our “The best service at The best price, we undertake the whole responsibilities of Building Survey. Furthermore We offer service as a professional and well-trained with total understanding and interpretation of building law.

Similarly Our surveyors are responsible for making sure that buildings are safe or it needs improvement & up-gradation.
Our Service Ensure:
-Follow all laws & rules
-Properly Executed

Building surveying equipment - Steps & Process of a Building Survey

Specifically, What are the Different Types of Building Survey in Construction? The history of Measuring in construction goes back thousands of years. Likewise It’s an Necessary part of any construction project and as a result. 

Likewise there are many different types of Measuring that exist in the construction industry today. Additionally, Sonar Bangla Survey Consultant in Bangladesh usually follow these four-step Mapping and therefore serve their clients with final output:

  1. Land surveying
  2. Building surveying
  3. Technical Inspecting
  4. Planning and Growing Assessing

(01) Land surveying

Additionally, A land Appraiser, also known as a Geoinformatics Appraiser and building survey. Specifically, creates site plans for construction and civil Designing projects by Gathering data and mapping the shape of the land.


Likewise, They can work on a variety of different projects including bridges, tunnels, roads, mining, and Excavating among others. 

Thus Some of the work they are responsible for includes: 

  • Geomatics – Similarly, Assembling, storing, processing, and Distributing Geoinformatics information
  • Feasibility studies – However, carrying our surveys and Evaluations on potential construction sites
  • Geomechanics – monitoring land movement and Sinking caused naturally or during the construction process
  • Geospatial Evaluation – Furthermore, Mapping exact Location data of site Characteristics using GPS and Measuring Equipment. Likewise, mapping land use with satellite Imaging, and producing digital images.

(02) Building condition survey

  • However A Building survey advise clients about the design and construction of new buildings.
  • They need to have good communication and problem-solving skills. Likewise Some of the work involved includes:
    01. Make sure that properties meet building regulations and fire safety accessibility standards.
    02. Dealing with planning applications.
    03. Surveying properties to identify structural faults and making recommendations for repairs.

(03) Technical surveying

A Technical surveyors carry out various tasks, most of them in support of architects chartered surveyors, and engineers.
Their duties include:

  • Droughting plans using computer software
  • Helping with environmental impact assessments
  • Supervising construction operatives at site

(04) Planning and development surveyor

Likewise, A building survey planning and development surveyor’s main role is to assess, design, and manage development projects.

  • Thus projects can be varied and planning and development the surveyor would be involved in every stage of the project from initial site assessments to the completion of the entire project as a result.

Moreover The role of a planning and development surveyor would include:

  • Assessing whether plans are workable
  • Assisting on planning applications
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Building survey

Service Description of Building Survey Report

Additionally, Our experts are using reflectorless total station and handheld lasers therefore they can observe measurements quickly and accurately. Likewise With the horizontal and vertical data from these measurements. Similarly, they can accurately generate floor plans and building cross-sections. 


But also, Our surveyors are specialized in high detail fade surveys. Moreover, To illustrate totalize our building survey and to provide enhanced visualization we apply a range of techniques. Furthermore SBSC team is familiar with terrestrial photogram metrical methods for 3-dimensional data capture. Our lab is enriched with a range of updated software so we can ensure proper digital visualization and output as a result.