Digital Road Survey

Road Survey Necessity and Best Practice

Digital Road Survey

Necessity Of Digital Road Survey

When the question of construction of a new Digital road Survey arises due to public demand or some Tactical reason. But also, They carry out a primary investigation to determine the Requirement of this road.

Keep the following points in mind during such investigation:

  • Moreover, The total population Gained from the project.
  • Connect the number of villages, towns, Industrialized places, etc.
  • Specifically, Agricultural products, Industrialized products, Gemstones, etc. But also, The Offered road is likely to convey [these items] and thus Provide to the development of trade in the country.
  • Prospect of tourism, if any.
  • Strategic importance for the defense of the country.
  • You should note any other information related to the project.

The Tentative Alignment of Digital Road Survey

Furthermore, After primary investigation regarding the Reasoning of Assembling a new road. Specifically, They mark the Provisional Positioning or Positioning on the general map and contour map. Likewise, Expect it to pass through the area.

Similarly, When marking the UncertainArrangement, you should consider the following points.……

  • Moreover, The Suggested Digital road Survey should connect a Adequate number of villages, towns, Manufacturing places, places of religious importance, etc.
  • Take the Conformity in a way that avoids Superfluous cutting and banking.
  • Likewise, If the Arrangement crosses a river, it should do so Vertically through the shortest width of the river.
  • The Conformity should not pass through religious places like temples, Cathedrals, mosques, etc. But also, Burial grounds, burning ghats, and so on.
  • Do not take the Coordination completely through valuable Farming land.
  • The Coordination should not pass through the heart of villages, towns, etc. Similarly, where the compensation payable is likely to be more.
  • You should consider any other Barriers or problems during the Survey Digital Road survey.
Road Survey

Digital Road Survey Reconnaissance

Before starting the actual Digital Road survey work. They conduct a survey along the Uncertain Coordination to select the most Appropriate Consistency.

Note the following points during Scouting:

  • They measure the Attractive Orientation of the lines of Positioning with a Angular compass and note them in a field book.
  • They measure the distances along the Configuration Roughly by pacing, taking one pace or walking step as 80 cm or 2.5 ft.
  • Note the objects and nature of the ground on both sides of the Consistency, up to 50 m, in the field book.
  • Cross over Barriers like a religious place or valuable structures, if any, in a Appropriate manner.
  • If the UncertainPositioning crosses a river Vertically or passes through a wide Sectional of it. Then they Proper divert the Positioning to cross the river Vertically at the shortest width.
  • You should note all other important points like railway crossings, canal crossings, etc.
  • Collect the highest flood level ever Achieved and the Release records for the last 10 years from the appropriate authorities to design the Underpass and bridges.
  • Prepare Initial records for Attributes Qualified for compensation.

Preliminary Location Digital Road Survey

After the reconnaissance Digital road survey. They select a suitable alignment or alignments for a preliminary location survey to conduct a detailed investigation and obtain the most economical alignment.

They select the most economical alignment by analyzing the merits, demerits, cost of construction, etc. for the proposed alignments after a preliminary location survey. They complete the final location survey in all respects before obtaining project approval from the higher authorities. We take the following steps for the final location survey.


Project Report

After completion of all investigation work, Digital road survey work design of different structures, and total estimate for the project. A report should be prepared and submitted to the higher authorities for approval. The report prepared should include information related to the following:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Necessity and background of the project.
  • Justification for selection of the final alignment and the procedure adopted for land acquisition
  • Detailed estimate covering all items-earth work, road surface, culverts, bridges, compensation, etc.
  • The detailed specification for the constructional works
  • Overall benefit of the project
  • Conclusion and recommendation
  • Maps to be submitted along with the project report:
    (a) General map of the country through which the proposed road will pass
    (b) Route survey map (to suitable scale)
    (c) Longitudinal section (to suitable scale)
    (d) Cross-section (to suitable scale)
    (e) Detailed drawing of culverts, bridges, flyovers, etc
Road Survey

Service Description

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When the question of construction of a new road arises due to public demand or some strategic reason, a primary investigation is carried out to examine whether this road is necessary.

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