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Surveyors depend on a variety of software and technology to gather existing information, collect new information, analyzedata, produce plans, manage projects, and deliver accurate data. Geographic information system (GIS) technology brings this functionality and more to one place, providing a central location to conduct spatial analysis, overlay data, and integrate other solutions and systems. GIS is built on a database rather than individual project files, enabling surveyors to easily manage, reuse, share, and analyze data, saving them time. Surveyors play a central role in a range of government agencies and private organizations, from planning and construction to engineering and land boundary determination. ESRI® GIS software solutions are interoperable with the many data formats used in the field and office, allowing surveyors to provide data to various agencies in the required format while maintaining the data’s core integrity. The ArcGIS® suite of software helps surveyors manage critical data by bringing their technologies together including everything from automated data collection with traditional instruments to the most modern GPSHGT


GIS Data & Software

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. The key word to this technology is Geography – this means that some portion of the data is spatial. In other words, data that is in some way referenced to locations on the earth.

Coupled with this data is usually tabular data known as attribute data. Attribute data can be generally defined as additional information about each of the spatial features. An example of this would be schools. The actual location of the schools is the spatial data. Additional data such as the school name, level of education taught, student capacity would make up the attribute data.

It is the partnership of these two data types that enables GIS to be such an effective problem solving tool through spatial analysis.

GIS is more than just software. People and methods are combined with geospatial software and tools, to enable spatial analysis, manage large datasets, and display information in a map/graphical form.

SBSC Service

Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants delivers high-quality custom GIS products and services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. We have the technical skills and professional experience to offer a variety of GIS services. Our services range from creating maps that display information related to environmental and habitat analyses to creating sophisticated spatial analyses of vector and raster datasets. Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants Environmental – Spatial Analysis. We has the capability of geographically displaying species habitats, soil types, watershed and stream locations, National Wetland Inventory (NWI) areas, slope, and a variety of other spatial datasets.

Mapping & GIS

Mapping and GIS applications allow to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data [4]. GIS technology combines database, mapping, and statistical methods to integrate georeferenced data into visual displays where the relationships, patterns, and trends in the data can be more easily identified [5].

Although Mapping and GIS applications do not rely on GNSS as the sole means for data capture, the widespread of GNSS technologies has allowed for low-cost data acquisition processes that made GIS technologies to be more generally used.

Detailed information about Mapping & GIS can be found here.

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