Mouza Map Survey

What is mouza map Survey in Bangladesh?

Additionally, In Bangladesh, Mouza map Survey is used to maintain the record of land measurement. Similarly, Which is a form of interpreting land ownership as well as estimation.

Concept of drawing :-

Likewise, For drawing a map in a specific area. Moreover, In that area, people consider the land to be flat, and they maintain that the centerline is parallel. Similarly, This method is applicable in the field of roads, railways, irrigation and drainage systems, some topographical and hydrographic surveys, village and urban land surveys.

Likewise, They call the process of presenting the detailed characteristics of a particular area in writing or mechanically on paper “map making. Specifically, People create maps through map making.

Mouza Map Survey
Mouza Map Survey

What is meant by Mouza map Survey plotting:-

Additionally, In Bangladesh, people use the Mouza map Survey to maintain records of land measurement. Similarly, Which is a form of interpreting land ownership as well as estimation.

Appropriate scales of Mouza map Survey drawing:

Moreover, Map drawing considers an extensive area. But also, In this case, people take necessary measurements to display the information in a specific location. But also In reality, it’s not possible to show all the measurements and short ranges in full size on the drawing sheet. Specifically, In order to do this, people reduce the field measurements to a specific ratio and draw them on paper. Therefore, They refer to the reduced ratio used for drawing on paper as the scale. Therefore, a map must have a scale reference because it is not possible to show the size on the map. Similarly, You can represent the scale either numerically or graphically in a linear fashion. Similarly, You can use the ingenious method, as well as the translation or fractional method. To represent the scale that was originally depicted using numbers.

However, A small-scale drawing sheet cannot display the details of a large area at full scale. Moreover, The scale of the map is the drawing of the paper by reducing the measurements obtained in the field to a certain ratio.

As a result, Requirements of Mouza map Survey drawing:-

But also, Before implementing any project or structure, they gather essential information in the designated area and present it on the survey map. Generally, The following needs require the drawing of the map.

Mouza Map Survey

Mouza map survey Service of SBSC

  1. Similarly, All project information is for display.
  2. Verification and evaluation of the reality of the project to provide proper guidance to the project implementing organization for.
  1. Completion of projects or structures as per Neidist Mouza Map Survey.
  2. To be aware of the geo-organizational situation.
  3. Prepare estimates for costing.
  4. Drawing maps for measuring and correcting errors in any structure or project in the future.
  5. As a result, For the purpose of analysis and implementation of criminal justice.

About Mouzamap

  • But also, the location of all the houses, trees or anything else on the land is here.
    • Moreover, By placing a digital survey of any type of land on the Mouzamap. But also, The Mouza map survey clearly indicates the amount of land situated at any specific location.  However, how much part of a building has fallen on any spot.
    • They employ digital survey techniques to identify any changes in elevation in the land.
    • Land digital survey is very important to find out the amount of soil cut or fill.
    • Land digital survey is very important for architectural design.
    • Additionally, to the size of the land in the survey, some other things such as any useful trees on the site. Likewise, He can include any important building or structure in the vicinity in the survey.