What is Contour Survey?

Contour survey means nothing but some contour line. Consequently, contour is an imaginary line that connects some different points on the surface of equal heights from specific data.

contour survey

Contour Features

We use this map usually to determine the relative horizontal distances and ups and downs of different points. This map is three-dimensional therefore, it can represent the length, width, and height. In other words, it is useful to determine the plan, section, and elevation of the survey area. But this can not possible from other maps.

Contour Survey Features are as follows:

(1) All the points above the same contour line have the same height.
(2) Two contour lines of different heights will never meet, except for the steep cliffs of mountains that lean towards the sea.
(3) A contour line will either meet its ends or go out of the map but will never end in the middle.
(4) Equal distances of Contour lines indicate flat land.
(5) Continuous closed contour line indicates hills or lowlands on the inside according to the value of contour more or less respectively.
(6) Continuous contour line indicates drainage or water separation towards the center according to the value of contour more or less respectively.
(7) Because the water of the river is not always calm, the horizontal contour line is not drawn over the river. So the contour line is drawn along the bottom of the bank of the river.

contour map

Usage of Contour Survey

There are two types of Usages of Contour Survey which are
(A) Engineering uses

(B) General uses

(A) Engineering uses:
(1) It helps in selecting suitable and convenient locations for the implementation of engineering projects like roads, railways, canals, water supply, pipelines, dams, drainage, etc.
(2) To determine the amount of soil to be filled or the soil to be cut.
(3) Helps the engineer to determine the profile along any aspect of a country or an area.
(4) For the planning of drainage or catchment area, determination of the capacity of closed reservoirs there are wide uses of Contour Survey.
(5) To get an idea of how to get rid of expensive soil cutters.
(6) Effective to identify the route along a certain slope on the contour map.
(7) Easy to draw from the contour map.
(8) It helps in building construction and depth of foundation.

(B) General uses:
(1) With the help of contour maps, complete knowledge about the general features of a region is obtained.
(2) From a contour map, one can gain knowledge about the relative height above the surface of the earth or one point below.
(3) It helps to determine the insights of the two points.
(4) The special feature of the contour map is it’s three-dimensional. In fact, any important project depends on a contour map.

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