Setting out works for Setting Out Survey

Although the survey is a plan or map preparation process for a particular area, it starts with setting out works and ends with the construction of an engineering structure in the area. All types of equipment used in this work are used in setting out works. One practical application of survey work. A lot of the time setting out is not given importance and the hoof is performed quickly to save time.
As a result, there is a possibility of error in the work and it takes more time to correct it. As a result, the construction equipment and plant are idle and the amount of construction cost increases.

(1) Accurately placed in the three-dimensional measurement of the relative and absolute position of the structure to be constructed, which is accurate in size, plan position, and height.
(2) Once the setting out process has started, the construction work must be completed as soon as possible without interrupting.

Moderator of setting out works

(A) Horizontal controller
(B) Vertical controller

Horizontal controller of Setting Out Survey

Horizontal controller stations have to be set up nearby. Horizontal controllers are known as irreplaceable traces of plan position traces, from which the salient/prominent points of the planned structure are established.
The triangulation stations can be considered as the first level controllers. The second level control points are established following all these control points. The coordinates of the second level control points are determined in the traversing process. The second level control points provide overall control of the area. For this reason, it is a construction site,
However, it is recommended that the control points be located at a sufficient distance from the construction boundary so that no damage is caused to these points during the construction work. The well-known principle of working from whole to part is applied to all these control points.

Vertical controller Setting Out Survey

The vertical controller consists of a set of subsequent heights with respect to the subdivision. All heights of the workspace are normally shortened according to the approximate benchmark, traditionally known as the marker benchmark. Location of TBMs during the initial site inspection survey.
Must be specified. If possible the existing permanent features should be used as TBM. All TBMs should be properly inspected and re-inspected at regular intervals. The distance between the two TBMs should not exceed 10m.