Definition Route Survey

Additionally, A route survey is a surveys conducted across a narrow strip or ribbon-like area to identify and construct a travel and communication path.

Standards of Our Route Survey Service

  • We do essential Research
  • Fieldwork Procedures
  • Measurement Requirements
  • Recording
  • Monumentation

Report Showing

  • Route Surveying Control
  • Line or Lines
  • Apparent Boundary, Right of Way and
  • Occupation Lines
  • Current Deed of Record
  • Section Lines
  • Surveyor’s Report

Advantages of a Route Survey

  • Moreover, Current ownership and parcel identification of potentially affected owners
  • Likewise, Recreate control alignments from original project plans
  • Cross references recorded LCRS with individual plats
  • Common project coordinates for future Construction/ Right of Way layout
  • Similarly, Graphically shows the relationship between route survey control alignment and section lines
  • Establishes reference ties to recreate all alignments at a later date
  • Limits client liability
Route Survey


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In the final stage, the work may consist of the following..

  • Moreover, Locating the centerline, usually marked by stakes at the required interval called Stations.
  • Determining elevations along and across the centerline for plotting profile and cross-sections.
  • Similarly, Plotting the profile and cross-sections and fixing the grades.
  • Computing the volumes of earthwork and preparing a mass diagram.
  • Staking out the extremities for cuts and fills.
  • Likewise, Determining drainage areas to be used in the design of ditches and culverts.
  • Similarly, Laying out structures, such as bridges and culverts 8. Similarly Locating Route Survey right-of-way boundaries, as well as staking out fence lines, if necessary.

Purposes of Route Survey

  • Roadways, highways, and Railways.
  • Moreover, Transmission lines for communications, fuel, chemical, water, and Electric needs.
  • Canals, Canals, Discharge ditches, and sewers.
  • Additionally, View Privileges, air space Privileges, and egress Privileges such as approach routes.
  • Similarly, This is done on a larger scale and under different survey conditions (intended to isolate specific subjects). Moreover, Sea ice conditions, river flood border, and forest fires are made. But Also, surveys of air Route survey for specific purposes such as recording centers.

Specifically, The Introductory survey for this work takes the form of a Topographical Mapping. Likewise, The Surface-level Mapping has been widely used for centuries for mapping remote areas as a result.

Route Survey