• With Global Standard

    Digital Land Survey Firm

    We are Digital Land Survey Firm always aware about the standards of project completion...
  • With Global Standard

    Digital Land Survey Firm

    We are Digital Land Survey Firm always aware about the standards of project completion...
  • More Than 10 Years

    Around The Country

    Since 2013 Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants has helped hundreds of clients to maximize the value of their projects by finding potential opportunities
  • Thousands Of

    Project Completion

    More than Thousand projects were successfully completed all over the country. As Digital Land Survey Firm we've acquired more than five hundred clients....

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    Survey Service

    We cover more than twenty types of digital land surveys like plot, road, canal/river, tower line, railway, bridge, leveling, contour, as-built survey, etc.

Digital Land Survey Firm with global Standard

Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants. The Leading Digital Land Survey In Bangladesh.
Similarly sonar Bangla Survey Consultants (SBSC) a pioneer Land surveying company In Bangladesh. Likewise We have more than 09 years of Experience in Digital surveying. Therefore we are confident in Different types of surveying. Additionally professional team is managing our company. Similarly And certainly, they are preeminent and dedicated to their task

Public Agencies

Similarly Public agencies often need Digital Land Surveying.  Moreover Sometimes in both Digital and Analog form. In fact Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants is very familiar with different types of Public Project surveying. Likewise PWD, LGED, RHD, BADC, BIWTA, BWDB, PGCB, City Corporation, etc.

Engineering Firms

Engineering firms like Civil Engineering Consultants, Land developers, Construction companies, Real Estate companies, Steel Structure developers constantly need digital surveying. However SBSC offers a wide range of Digital Land Surveying and Soil Testing service.

Private Contractors

Private contractors who usually work with Land developers, Construction companies, Real Estate companies, Steel Structure developers, and other public organizations always refer to have a Digital Land Surveying. Likewise We are dedicated to on-time job completion within a sound budget.


However Architects need a high-quality, accurate, and tolerance-free Digital Land Surveying Report. Similarly Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants is always dedicated to providing the highest quality Land Surveying service. Specifically  SBSC is fully equipped with modern Survey Tools and Software. Moreover Manned by highly skilled and experienced staff.

LAND Owners

In Fact Every Land Owners need Land Surveying eventually. Indeed both urban and rural areas, you must have a Digital Land Surveying for buy-sell purposes. But also A landowner could be a single person or any organization. Likewise We Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants work for any type of Digital and Analog survey like Plot Survey, layout Survey, etc.

about us Land Surveying Firm

BD Land Survey More than 10 years of experience

Sonar Bangla survey consultants is recognized as one of the top Digital land survey company in Bangladesh. Moreover Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants provides Digital land surveying services and land planning services for the development of private and public projects. Moreover Since 2013 Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants has helped hundreds of clients to maximize the value of their projects by finding potential opportunities and others often

Managing Director: Eng. Md Solaiman

HIFAB Project

JICA Bangladesh

recent projects

Land Survey Successful projects around the country

However Since 2013 Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants successfully completed thousands of Land Surveying Projects for

  • Public Agencies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Private Contractors
  • Architects and
  • Home Owners

throughout the country

experience, skills & technology

Different types of BD Land Survey We Often Do

Additionally Topographic Survey, Contour Survey, Township Survey, Road Survey, Control Survey, Leveling Survey, Route Survey, Compass Survey, Setting out Survey, RTK GPS & GPS Survey, Hydrographical Survey, Travers Survey, Railway Survey, Pipe Line Survey, Canal Survey, Building & Construction Survey, etc as a resut.

Therefore Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants is committed to quality and high standard surveys services. Just as Please don’t forget to call us if you need our assistance and services in your present and upcoming projects.

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Why Choose Us BD Land Survey Firm

Additionally Having professional hands- we can provide you the peace of mind. Moreover On the other hand, your decisions on your personal property will be errorless. Likewise Because of thorough research and professional opinion. Indeed Meanwhile, we are ensuring you 100% authentic land survey report according to your expectation as a result.

  • Likewise Our dedication is to provide fast response and the highest quality service.
  • Similarly As well as on-time job completion within a sound budget.
  • But also Using the global standard quality tools and machines. Also ensuring continuous service improvement.
  • Not anyone would have fudged by us. However We are delivering our service to the customer at the exact delivery time. Therefore they are happy with us.
  • Specifically Services are satisfactory and acceptable to all because we have professionals with higher skills as a result.

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রেললাইন জরিপ

Additionally During Our land survey company work experience. Likewise we actively participated in boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and construction staking projects. Moreover we honed our skills with surveying equipment, such as total stations and GPS receivers, to accurately measure distances, angles, and elevations.


Moreover Effective communication and collaboration with fellow professionals, including engineers and architects, was crucial in meeting project goals. Similarly gained a profound appreciation for precision and attention to detail, as even small errors can have significant repercussions in this field. Furthermore This hands-on experience has solidified our understanding of the vital role surveyors play in land development and infrastructure projects as a result.

Similarly bd Land survey work experience offers a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world applications. Moreover Engaging in boundary surveys, topographic surveys and construction staking projects allowed me to harness a diverse skill set. But also I adeptly operated surveying equipment like total stations and GPS receivers, ensuring precise measurements of distances, angles and elevations. 


Likewise effective communication and collaboration with engineers and architects, integral to project success, sharpened my interpersonal skills. Specifically Most importantly, we understood the pivotal role of precision and meticulous attention to detail in surveying. The smallest inaccuracies can lead to significant consequences, emphasizing the importance of error-free work. Additionally land survey company work experience reinforced our appreciation for the indispensable role surveyors play in shaping land development and infrastructure projects. In fact With a firm commitment to accuracy and a strong foundation in surveying principles, we are poised to contribute effectively to the field as a result.

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