What is Land surveying?

Land surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. It’s a Common Practice of licensed Digital Land Survey Expert and building professions. Certainly, these points are usually on the surface of the Earth. In short uses of these points or Digital Land Survey data are :

  • To establish land maps
  • To establish boundaries for ownership
  • Locations (building corners, the surface location of subsurface features)
  • For other government requirements
  • Civil law purposes like property sales

Land surveying is the detailed study or inspection. Therefore We gather information through observations, measurements, questionnaires, research & analysis of legal instruments. Meanwhile, SBSC Ltd supports the planning, designing, and establishing of property boundaries.

Land Surveying

What is Digital Land Surveying?

Land is the initial and essential asset in any project. While no land or area, engineering is nothing. So, It’s fully necessary to induce the formation of your land is correct. Because the project landform might not be exact rectangular or the other regular form. During this case, a manual hand survey cannot create a correct map. Because tapes and chains have a lot of limitations and errors. That’s why the digital land survey in Bangladesh comes in handy.

The specialty of Digital Land Survey:

  • The digital land survey can measures any land accurately despite any anomaly or quality of landform
  • It’ll get the scale, angles accurately as the land has
  • The extent of the land is shown exactly

What makes the land survey so accurate?

It’s the EDM that stands for Electronic Distance mensuration. It’s a technology that uses computerized strategies to live the angle, distance, and height. This can’t be achieved by a standard tape measurements survey.
Total Station is that survey machine we use to possess EDM. These machines have created a new trend in land & building measurement. Conjointly won’t maintain the layout accuracy in MEGA construction. In massive construction like Bridges and Flyovers, Total Station collects data so accurately for distance, angles, and level.

Land-Survey project chittagong

Cadastral or property surveys are conducted to establish the exact location, boundaries, or subdivision of a tract of land in any specified area. This type of survey requires a professional & registered Expert in all states.

Chores of Digital Land Surveys:

  • Establishing markers or monuments therefore report can define and thereby preserve the boundaries of land
  • Rerunning old land survey lines to determine their lengths and directions
    As a result of the high cost of land, old lines are remeasured to get more precise measurements Calculating areas, distances, and directions
  • Preparing the land map to portray the survey data so that it can be used as a permanent record
  • Writing a technical description of deeds,

What type of land survey best for you?

Based on the purpose of uses of the land we conduct a specific type of land survey. Sonar Bangla Survey Consultants is Pioneering their Skills and efforts to fulfill the client’s need based on their land uses. Based on purposes & uses we offer to conduct all these types of Digital Land Survey:

Topographic Survey, Contour Survey, Township Survey, Road Survey, Control Survey, Leveling Survey, Route Survey, Compass Survey, Setting out Survey, RTK GPS & GPS Survey, Hydrographical Survey, Travers Survey, Railway Survey, Pipe Line Survey, Canal Survey, Building & Construction Survey, Transmission Lines Survey, Layout Design Survey, GIS Survey, Bridge Survey.