Digital topographic survey company

The primary goal of topographic surveys

Introduction to Digital Topographic Survey

Additionally, Digital Topographic survey involves determining the horizontal and vertical locations of objects on the surface of the earth. 

Likewise, Horizontal location entails locating ‘objects’ like roads, railways, ponds, houses, boundaries of properties, etc. Moreover, Symbols indicate the objects, while measuring horizontal distances.

Vertical location includes the location of hills, valleys, depressions, benchmarks, RLs of points, etc. In this case, objects in relief represent the measuring of vertical distances.

Thus, a topographic survey map shows the nature of the earth surface along with the positions of different objects. Such a map is essential for the engineering projects involving roads, railways, irrigation, reservoirs, townships etc. 

The extent of the area a topographic map covers and the purpose for which it is to be prepared determine the scale of the map. In general, we prepare a topographic survey map at a scale of 1 cm to 1 km (1/100,000).

Digital topographic survey company

Similarly, The primary Purpose for Digital Topographic Survey is to produce a Stereoscopic drawing of a particular piece of land or area. 

Specifically, Our Topographic Survey include all natural and man made Characteristics. But also, Text, lines, and symbols represent these elements on the drawing.. Likewise, The drawing of the Geographic survey also includes heights and Altitudes. 

Spot levels and Figures represent the Performance of Technology projects. Geo TRAK carried out a Digital Topographic Survey of Clients. Like CTCI Taiwan, TATA- Aldesa, Reliance, and companies all across India.

Topographic surveys are most commonly used in the planning stages of different projects to have the layout designed and the location determined. Our team of experienced professionals has the Capacity of handling combinations of Geographic maps, which makes us deliver Correct results on time..

Digital topographic survey

Exploring the World with Digital Topographic Surveys

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of digital topographic survey 🌍

Unveiling the Magic

Have you ever wondered how experts create those incredibly detailed maps. Plan new roads, or protect our precious environment? The secret sauce is the digital topographic survey. It’s like a magician’s wand for understanding our world.

Superheroes of Mapping

Digital topographic survey provide us with a crystal-clear view of our surroundings. They reveal the lay of the land, the heights of mountains, the depths of valleys, the meandering paths of rivers. The exact locations of every tree and building. It’s like having a superhero on our side when we need to explore and understand our environment.

The Power of Precision

These surveys are all about accuracy. They help us make smart decisions when planning neighborhoods, designing roads, or conserving natural habitats. By providing precise and reliable data, they make our projects smarter, safer, and more efficient.

A World of Wonders

But it’s not just about business – it’s about appreciating the beauty of our world. Digital topographic survey reveal the hidden secrets of our landscapes, letting us explore and protect them better.

So, if you’re ever curious about what lies beneath your feet or how experts map the world, consider a digital topographic survey. It’s your passport to adventure and understanding, and it empowers us to build a better future while preserving the wonders of our planet.

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